Learn anatomy and physiology through engaging videos. Ditch the screen-casts, create an Anatomy Story!

What Does Anatomy Story Offer?

Engaging, informative and narrative videos for each topic

30+ anatomy and physiology topics covered

Content specific to BTEC Sport, BTEC Sport Science, A Level PE, Personal Training Courses, Fitness Instructing Courses

30+ planned lessons, reducing teachers planning workload, freeing up time for more valuable interactions with students

Additional visual and written resources to cater for all types of learners

Video specific worksheets that can form as note taking aid or test student knowledge at home or during lesson

Low-stakes quizzes in a pressure-free environment

Check list for students to

self-track and for teachers to track

Revision area for recapping and knowledge recall


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How To Use Anatomy Story

About Anatomy Story

Anatomy Story is an online learning resource for studying or teaching Anatomy and Physiology.


Anatomy Story teaches through videos. The videos aim to add context and narrative to the abstract topic of Anatomy and Physiology. When learning from Anatomy Story videos you are not just watching a screen cast of someone talking over a white board or a teacher videoing a PowerPoint. Instead, you are watching produced videos that provide analogies, object reference, memory queues and explanations.


There are over 25 topics covered, each with a video. Once you have watched a topic’s video you can then complete a quiz and worksheet specific to the topic’s video. The 25 topics should provide you with at least 25 hours of learning, or teaching.

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